Get peace of mind, protecting your property.

ZoJacks combines cutting-edge sensors with automatic shut-off functionality, offering a comprehensive solution to protect your home against water-related risks. With strategically placed sensors and professional monitoring services, ZoJacks provides the reassurance you need to safeguard your home effectively.

As a Kingstone policyholder, you gain peace of mind while protecting your property from disruptive and damaging losses.  


Get comfort in moments of crisis.

The ZoJacks System offers safety and convenience with features like an external shut-off valve, leak detection, temperature monitoring, and reliable battery backup for all components. It operates on cellular communication, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi or Ethernet and meeting the water shut-off system requirements for Kingstone seasonal/secondary homeowners. Optional smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring can also be included for enhanced protection.




Stop leaks, fast.

With ZoJacks, our system is designed with a three-tiered approach. Protect, detect, and react. 
Our system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No internet? No problem. No power? No problem. 
Water sensors are battery-operated and always connected to the hub. A leak or temperature drop is detected quickly, triggering a reaction. 
The Waterstop turns off the water, stopping any potential issues. 
The ZoJacks System includes everything you need to ensure your home is protected whether you are out for a few hours, a few days or in the case of a second home gone for an extended period of time.
With the ability to shut off water manually, connected directly to your waterlines, you can rest assured that water issues will be minimal.  Premium discounts for water migration devices are available for policyholders after installation.


How to get started.



ZoJacks Kingstone Kit 

  • Hub: The communication center for the system.

  • Eight Leak and Temperature Sensors: On average, eight sensors will cover a home. 

  • Shut-off Valve: stops water in case of an emergency.

  • All devices include battery backup in the event of a power outage.

  • Free Installation
Professional Monitoring
  • Connection to professional monitoring via LTE, ZWAVE, and Wifi, or Ethernet. 

  • One Year of complimentary professional monthly monitoring. After one year, a $150 per year fee applies. To ensure coverage, Zojacks must professionally monitor your system. 

  • Professional monthly monitoring. This allows for not just passive monitoring - we implement a UL-Listed 5 Diamond Active Monitoring Service. 

Complete Kit for $999 with Financing available


Disclaimer: Zojacks is an independent provider of water detection and shut-off devices and is not an affiliate of Kingstone. While Kingstone believes in the Zojacks’ System and provides a discount to policyholders who install it, we do not guarantee the Zojacks’ System.  The fee you pay to Zojacks is not an insurance premium. Kingstone’s obligations to you are limited to those written in your insurance policy for which you pay an insurance premium.