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Asking customers to install their own hardware could lead to more damage. We've got teams of professional installers ready to go. Best of all, it's included and easy to schedule with your customers in mind.


Automatic water shut-off

With Zojacks, one possesses the astute capability to promptly halt water flow upon detecting a leak. This proves invaluable for those keen on swift and adept responses, especially in settings where manpower might be sparse.


Premade Packages

We've designed packages for your customers, and we can cater to bespoke or unique requirements.


76 Billion in losses from flooding. Let's get that to zero. 

Flood detection powered by IoT enables smart property owners to use active monitoring solutions. Our system monitors, detects, and notifies for fast response time, increasing tenant trust and saving revenue opportunities.


US Bank Building and Zojacks

Learn about how the property managers at 170 S Main, commonly referred to as the US Bank Building in Salt Lake City, saved time and capital with the Zojacks system.


Multi-Use Building in Southern Alberta

This property in Southern Alberta was recently taken over, and Zojack's flood prevention technology is key in maintaining tenant relationships.


Univerity of Utah, protecting IT Infrastructure

Read about hte Univerity of Utah's IT infrastructure water protection provided by the Zojack system.

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