Installed by our professional partners.

Asking customers to install their own hardware could lead to more damage. We've got teams of professional installers ready to go. Best of all, it's included and easy to schedule with your customers in mind.


Automatic water shut-off

With Zojacks, one possesses the astute capability to promptly halt water flow upon detecting a leak. This proves invaluable for those keen on swift and adept responses, especially in settings where manpower might be sparse.


Premade Packages

We've designed packages for your customers, and we can cater to bespoke or unique requirements.


76 Billion in losses from flooding. Let's get that to zero. 

Flood detection powered by IoT enables smart property owners to use active monitoring solutions. Our system monitors, detects, and notifies for fast response time, increasing tenant trust and saving revenue opportunities.


Reduce risk on high-risk clients. 

Your customers' risk profiles will significantly decrease while using Zojacks in their homes. The system's emphasis on early detection diminishes the risk you need to offset quickly. 

  • Flood damage is the number one cause of property loss for real estate owners in terms of the frequency and severity of a loss.
  • $65,000 per unit average interior water damage claim payout with a massive effect on insurance premiums
  • $76 Billion in water damage claims in the US in 2019

Minimize Customer Displacement.

In the face of flooding, it’s crucial to minimize the disruption and expense of relocating insurance policyholders and storing their belongings. Our advanced leak detection system serves as an essential tool in this regard. By identifying leaks promptly, it enables homeowners to take immediate action, potentially negating the need for temporary relocations or storage solutions.

Lower water impact, one drop at a time.

 We facilitate swiftly identifying and resolving issues by employing our sophisticated, purpose-built technology and hardware to detect leaks and monitor water usage. Our unwavering dedication to preserving the environment is embodied in our pursuit to save every precious drop, one at a time.


Give comfort in moments of crisis.

The ZoJacks System offers safety and convenience with features like an external shut-off valve, leak detection, temperature monitoring, and reliable battery backup for all components. It operates on cellular communication, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Optional smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring can also be included for enhanced protection.


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